Seaworthy Outreach truly cares about our community. I've had the pleasure of coordinating a couple of trips for youth through COA and each time, the participants raved about the experience. It warms my heart to see their dedication to providing joy. Thank you for sharing your vessel so others can enjoy a time at sea.
Thanks to Seaworthey Outreach Russ and Nathan from Lost Winds were great, I have been disabled for 17 years due to a back injury. Seaworthy made it possible to be back fishing and Diving again.
So glad to have found Seaworthy Outreach. From booking our trip with Vanessa who was efficient and organized, to going out with Captain Russ, everything was spot on. Captain Russ is a professional. If you want to go offshore for the big ones, he'll take you there. If you want a more laid-back trip and just fish the local inshore waters, he's got that covered as well. I took my 5 year old out today and we had a great time. Russ looked out for my boy's safety and showed him how to catch his first fish off of a boat. We tailored the trip with the right length of time and distance for the occasion, and it worked out perfectly. Few others in the business will let you do this. It's also note (sea) worthy to mention the good cause these guys work for. It's hard to find a private charter that caters to both enthusiast fishermen and family/kids the same way Seaworthy Outreach does. Can't wait go out with Captain Russ again for a lengthier trip next time! Book with confidence. Class act establishment and a pleasure to work with.
Captain Russ and his amazing wife Vanessa go above and beyond to accommodate every need. We would recommend Seaworthy Outreach to Anyone looking for an awesome boating experience. Thank you Russ and Vanessa ! You guys are amazing !
Russ and Vanessa created the most incredible afternoon for my son and daughter and me - we still are talking about it. It all started when Vanessa offered my special needs son and I a complimentary cruise, because she found out about a hardship I'd recently encountered. (In addition to paid charters, these lovely people give military families and others in difficult situations cruises on their beautiful boat, to give back to the community). Knowing my son and his caregivers would enjoy this, I accepted. Their boat was lovely, and they offered us snacks and drinks as if we were paying customers. Then we had the most amazing 2 + hours! We saw dolphins and seals, jumped and swam in the water (my daughter and I) and just enjoyed the beautiful boat and their hospitality. Thank you Russ and Vanessa. It's wonderful to see people such as yourselves who have a heart for struggling families. Also, I've been on many boats and it's rare to see one so gleaming, white and perfect. You could have eaten off the floor. Not a spot of rust anywhere. Amazing. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon. - Pam, David and Allison.
Cheers for Seaworthy Outreach! I've taken so many charters (both private and public) and never before have I ever felt at such ease on a boating adventure; hence, real therapy! The warmth extended from Captain Russ and First Mate Vanessa honestly makes you forget you signed up for an excursion. Think of it as a day out on the water with the closest of friends. First, you can't help but notice how incredibly clean the boat is when you step aboard. Next, you are impressed by Captain Russ' credentials as a retired (but youthful!) military vet and right along with that comes safety - so families with young ones, book with confidence. Our highlights included the bluest of blue water, jumping dolphins, barking seals, & even a dip in the ocean. We have many reasons to return because they offer so many options - snorkeling adventures, fishing trips, sunset wine & dine, harbor cruises and on & on. Hmmm...maybe they'll offer me a frequent "flyer" program. Sheer delight, I'm definitely telling my friends and family. Thank you Seaworthy!
I am so grateful to Vanessa and Russ Donaldson for their heart to provide a memorable experience for people on recovery. Vanessa went above and beyond to make this event available as a treat to people who have begun the road to recovery. Having worked with addicts for years, many believe they cannot have fun sober. A program like Seaworthy Outreach not only shows people care, but opens doors of opportunity to enjoy some of life's simple pleasures that many could never have dreamed to experience. A huge part of recovery is the spiritual awakening - a recognition that God patiently awaits His children to call on Him. This is far more than just a boating trip, but a chance to step away from social media and glimpse some of this beautiful world God created. Thank you Vanessa and Russ.
Always a good time with Seaworthyoutreach!